Welcome the Delegation Team From Matrix Representing NTM Project for a Visit and Guidance

        In mid-August, the sky was clear with a gentle breeze, and the temperature was pleasant. It felt just as the ancients said, “When the gentle wind blows, the water remains calm.” It added a touch of peace and beauty to this significant moment. On August 17th, the Housing Bureau of the Niu Tam Mei project in Hong Kong, along with the main contractor, Sun Fook Kong, and their team, visited and provided guidance at the one-stop MiC production base of Matrix Living.

        Matrix Chairman John Li and Director Gary Gan warmly welcomed the delegation, along with the company’s management team, and personally accompanied them on a full tour of Matrix’s three major production bases.

        Matrix relies on three major production bases to achieve efficient production and high-quality projects. We pay great attention to every detail, from precision processing equipment to strict quality control processes. Each module is carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure its quality and reliability.

        Before the tour began, Matrix Director Gary briefed the NTM delegation in the conference room about the overall production status of the Niu Tan Wei project. He emphasized that Matrix can quickly respond to customer demands and ensure on-time project delivery through highly optimized processes and precise project planning. The company strictly implements quality management procedures at every production stage, ensuring that each module undergoes careful design and rigorous testing.

        During the meeting, he also emphasized Matrix’s innovative capabilities and the spirit of continuous improvement. We constantly enhance the performance and reliability of our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Gary’s impressive presentation left the NTM delegation in awe of Matrix’s production speed and quality.

        Gary led the NTM delegation on separate tours of Matrix’s steel structure production workshop and interior production workshop. Inside the workshops, the production work for the Niu Tan Wei project was progressing smoothly and in an orderly fashion.

        While visiting the steel structure workshop, the NTM delegation was deeply impressed by Matrix’s state-of-the-art production equipment. These advanced tools enable Matrix to produce steel structures quickly and precisely, achieving remarkable efficiency. Witnessing our welding techniques firsthand, they couldn’t help but admire the exquisite craftsmanship, as it flowed seamlessly and flawlessly like a work of art.

        Inside the interior production workshop, the NTM delegation gained a thorough understanding of Matrix’s meticulously designed plumbing and drainage system, and they were full of praise. Matrix utilizes advanced BIM technology to design the plumbing and drainage system, ensuring a well-organized and efficient layout that guarantees reliability and stability, ultimately achieving optimal results.

        Meanwhile, the NTM delegation was highly impressed with Matrix’s color design for the entire MiC modules, recognizing the clever use of aesthetics by Matrix’s designers, resulting in a beautiful and harmonious appearance. Additionally, Matrix’s furniture installation work showcased precision and adherence to standards, with each piece of furniture being perfectly installed, demonstrating their professionalism.

        As of now, over 90% of the steel structure production has been completed at Matrix, and the interior work has entered the high-speed production phase, preparing for the upcoming delivery date. During the visit, the NTM delegation gained a firsthand understanding of the production progress at the Niutanwei project, and they were deeply impressed by the seamless coordination and meticulous operations of the workers.

        Lastly, we sincerely thank the NTM delegation for their recognition and appreciation. At Matrix, we have full confidence in the Niutanwei transitional housing project and we will do our utmost to ensure its successful implementation. As a renowned player in the global MiC construction field, Matrix will continue to play an active role in the Hong Kong construction industry, contributing to its innovative development. We will keep a close eye on the latest technologies and trends in the industry, continuously improving and enhancing our processes and services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.