Project Description

Midea Modular Sales Office

Midea’s Lecong Shangshihui Modular Sales Center is located in Lecong town, Shunde district, Foshan. It is made up of 23 non-standard modular boxes, consisting of reception front desk, sand table tour area, loft layer, independent negotiating area, conference room, public office, and bathroom. The project considered the short usage time, recyclability, and short construction period, designing a removable sales center solution. The building is 90% recyclable, in compliance with formal construction requirements, and includes standard firefighting and air conditioning equipment. The space has multiple functions, breaks away from traditional sales centers with a unique, fashionable design made from steel plates with some creativity. The factory prefabrication takes 20 days, and the on-site construction, including retrofitting and installation, takes an additional 35 days.