The Development Of Modular Construction

        Do you still think modular construction is just stacking shipping containers to make a house, without realizing how advanced it has become?

The Bee modular commercial street-by Matrix Living-scaled
modular commercial street

        Most people associate modular construction with buildings that are obviously made from shipping containers, such as bars, trendy offices, boutiques, or unique villas seen on fashionable streets. But can you tell from the exterior, or even the interior decor, that these buildings are also made from container construction? Check out these pictures!

modular Shenzhen epidemic prevention hotel
modular Djibouti hotol

        With society and technology improving, modular construction is becoming more and more accepted as an innovative way to build. As experience grows and technology improves, modular construction is now a permanent and stable option for long-term use. And now, modular construction is expanding into the high-rise building market, which shows promising potential for development.

  • So,what is modular construction?

        Modular construction is commonly known as shipping container construction. A more technical term for it is Modular Integrated Construction (MiC).

  • Let’s analyze modular construction from a modular perspective.
lifting of modular buildings

        “Modular” means breaking down complex systems into more easily manageable modules. In modular construction, traditional houses are divided into individual rooms or certain 3D architectural spaces as building module units, and these units are prefabricated and installed in factories for the flooring, ceilings, and walls. After completion, these building modules are transported to the site and assembled together using cranes to form a complete building. The interior of the building module unit is usually complete and requires little on-site work, resulting in a significant reduction in on-site work time.

        As a whole,modular construction is an advanced building method that improves construction efficiency, reduces project costs, minimizes construction noise and waste, and provides higher quality, more sustainable, and safer building solutions.

        For modern people, consciously considering the environmental friendliness of buildings has become a trend and a way of life. As environmental awareness continues to grow, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental sustainability of buildings.

        Modular buildings have a very high level of environmental friendliness. Making each module with modern technology uses less energy and materials, which reduces waste. This reduces the amount of garbage and waste produced at construction sites, and materials can be recycled or reused.

installation of modular buildings
modular housing transport

        Moreover,modular buildings can also be taken apart, transported and reassembled easily, which makes them very flexible and can be used in different places many times. They are also easy to maintain or update between uses, so they last longer. This reduces waste and helps the environment, making them a sustainable building solution.

  • What areas have modern modular buildings been applied to?

        Modular construction was first used in residential buildings. In the early 20th century, a company in the United States called “Sears, Roebuck and Company” offered a consumer service called Sears Catalog Home, providing prefabricated house modules to consumers for building on their purchased properties.

honomobo modular house

        Regarding our company, Matrix Living, we initially received orders mainly from overseas clients, and the buildings we constructed were usually modular villas, modular apartments, or modular student dormitories.

Bery Ⅱ modular apartment
Modular villas in the Arctic Circle

        Let’s take villas as an example to analyze the advantages of modular construction in the residential sector. Firstly, as the components are prefabricated in the factory, it can greatly shorten the construction time. Usually, building a modular home can be completed faster than traditional construction, allowing customers to move in faster. Secondly, during the production process, the quality of materials and components can be precisely controlled, resulting in higher construction quality and better performance. In addition, in terms of appearance, since the components used to manufacture these buildings are prefabricated in the factory, the appearance of the building can be more precisely controlled during the production process, reducing the impact of human factors. Furthermore, the appearance of modular buildings can be as varied as traditional buildings, using different types of exterior walls, roofs, windows, etc. Modular buildings can also be customized to meet the individual needs and preferences of customers, satisfying their requirements for the appearance of the building.

swedish student modular apartment
Interior decoration of modular apartment-0
Interior decoration of modular apartment-0
Interior decoration of modular apartments-1
Interior decoration of modular apartments-3

        Later , as modular construction became more well-known, more and more people started to accept this building mode. Matrix started taking on projects both domestically and internationally. At the same time, we gradually started to build more diverse types of buildings, such as modular commercial streets, modular hospitals, modular hotels, modular schools, and so on.

Beijing Winter Olympics modular office
modular building of Midea real estate research base
  • Here is a modular hospital named “Zhuhai Hospital” that our company built. It looks and is even constructed like a traditional hospital, with almost no difference in appearance or interior.
Beijing Winter Olympics modular office
modular Zhuhai hospital's corridor
modular Zhuhai hospital inpatient ward
  • This is the Happy Bay Campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School, a modular school built by Matrix from 82 custom modules.
Happy Bay Campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School
Happy Bay Campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School's corridor

        Modular construction has many advantages when it comes to public buildings. Its high strength, lightweight, safety features in components, low construction costs, good seismic performance, easy and flexible use, and high comfort make modular construction an excellent choice for public buildings. Therefore, modular construction is highly beneficial for creating public buildings of various types.

Happy Bay Campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School aerial photo

        Compared to other modular constructions, modular hotels have more complex construction for each module, but they are also more impressive. Even a small module can contain all the necessary equipment and amenities, with furniture, appliances, and bathrooms like those found in traditional hotels. The interior spaces still feel very spacious and open.

modular Djibouti hotol overall appearance
modular Djibouti hotol's room

        Matrix Living is a famous global modular construction company. We focus on digitizing and standardizing projects and construction processes. We consistently introduce new technologies and improve our own technology, products, and services. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide the most advanced and high-quality modular construction products and solutions. We believe that Matrix Living will continue to be a leader in the modular construction industry and bring more new momentum to the global construction market.